Sunday, September 15, 2013

Storm Update for Nederland – 9/15/2013, 4:30pm

Location: Nederland, CO 80466, USA
The Nederland Fire Protection District receives
a Town Proclamation for its 100 year anniversary
Here is today's update from Nederland Town Administrator, Alisha Reis, and information I have gathered from the Boulder County Commissioners.

We saw a bit more impact today with the heavier rainfall, but Nederland remains stable compared to the areas being evacuated. Our Town Operations are however, still active in the emergency event through tonight.

Nederland Local Roads:

Second Street, as expected, is again experiencing flooding. Public Works carved out some relief channeling into the road to help alleviate some of it. Third Street (east of the roundabout) is also experiencing some additional water as spillover from Second Street. There are a few spots in Big Springs – mainly south of Peakview (south part of the neighborhood) and the intersection of Alpine/Big Springs – that are inaccessible, with the road softening under the rains. That is, by and large, the extent of flooding impacts as of 12:30pm.

We heard from CDOT earlier today that engineers from their regional headquarters office in Greeley were due in today to assess the damage at the base of Boulder Canyon. However, that was before the late morning/early afternoon harder rains, so we have not heard if they made it in yet. We will not hear any news before midday tomorrow on CDOT repairs and time frames.

If you must travel down below, plan to leave early through Black Hawk. Check with your employer, as many employers are allowing people to take the day off.

At this time, Highway 6 out of Black Hawk continues to be the route to take down the hill, if folks must travel. I have confirmed that Sunshine Canyon is closed. There will be a deputy on site turning people away. The only route to, or from, Nederland is through Blackhawk/Central City.


Barker Dam did peak and spill over, but it is similar to spring runoff conditions, and Boulder OEM does not seem concerned. (Here is a link.)

Despite recent rumors that the lake across from Kelly Dahl campground had crested, that was confirmed untrue as of 20 minutes ago, and Highway 119 to Highway 6 remains open. We are continuing to monitor the Gilpin/Jeffco routes, as they are currently the only access in and out of Nederland. We posted the road update links to the front page of the Town's Web Site.

Nederland water and waste water treatment continues to be in fine shape, with water clean to drink.

We will continue monitoring the situation and gathering new information as often as possible. We continue to update the Town Web Site with reports as we receive them. Please be patient.

Schools, Seniors, Medical issues:

As of 3:00pm, ALL BVSD SCHOOLS will be closed Monday and Tuesday. They will assess the situation on Tuesday. Our local principals have noted the access issues for staff and transportation of students.

Nederland Area Seniors are working on a plan to fill medications. Call NAS if you need help. (303) 258-0799 or email:

Anyone with sensitive medical issues, that cannot be far from a hospital, should be planning for transportation and accommodations.

Recovery Planning:

Operations are still active in the emergency event, but tomorrow we will have far more information about the status of the regional infrastructure. Therefore, tomorrow (9/16) we will issue another update and we are planning for a Community Information Session before the Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday (9/17).

At that time, we will begin conversations about the near-term and long-term recovery planning – mostly transportation related issues, but also address the needs of the local Nederland community.

Please thank your local first responders.

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