Monday, March 23, 2015

Ned's FDGD – One of Nation's Top Cultural Festivals.

Location: Nederland, CO 80466, USA
The Cereal Killers compete in the Coffin Race.
According to a USA Today poll, Nederland's Frozen Dead Guy Days is the nation's 5th best cultural festival, leading several familiar names, such as the Kentucky Derby, Mardi Gras, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Our end of winter festival was nominated by USA Today for their "10 Best Readers Choice" for "Best Cultural Festival in The World".
[World-wide is probably a stretch, but you can see the results on this link.]
It seems that the 'younger' festivals had more eager followers, and edged out Mardi Gras, and the Kentucky Derby from even making the top 10. These younger festivals fill niches or take different approaches, which make them special.
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Of course, our festival has seen film crews and reporters from three continents, but being compared to Mardi Gras, or the Kentucky Derby, somehow legitimizes something.

I wasn't around when they invented Ground Hog Day, the game of Golf, or fabricated holidays like Sweetest Day, but we all intrinsically know we needed an "end of winter festival" and Frozen Dead Guy Days certainly fit the bill. Over the past dozen or so years, we've watched FDGD evolve into what it is today, with some growing pains along the way.

Some of our local businesses have complimented the promoters, and argue that this year's Frozen Dead Guy Days, was the best executed event we've had so far. Joining Mardi Gras on this USA Today poll validates the hard work that went into our successful event.

[Here is a Video Valediction] Here is a clip from FDGD 2015. It was produced, shot and edited by three aspiring film makers; Andrew Turk, Justin Smouse and A.J. Wager. [What is a Video Valediction?]
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