Thursday, December 15, 2011

Envision 2020

Location: Nederland, CO 80466, USA
I hope you were able to attend the Community Thanksgiving Dinner or the Holiday Mountain Market at the Community Center. If you did, you may have noticed a poster in the Multi-Purpose Room with the Envision 2020 Vision Statements. They summarize the many ideas brought forth in the year-long envisioning process. It begins with: "In Nederland, our greatest assets are our residents – the diverse people who live, work, play and contribute to all aspects of our unique mountain community."

There is one thing that I am proud to guarantee, and it is that every idea is heard and thoughtfully considered by the Board of Trustees. We appreciate the diversity of feedback we receive because it is our role to take all the different perspectives into consideration when we make policy decisions on behalf of the town.

One of the nine vision statements on this poster reads:
"In 2020, Nederland’s elected leaders are qualified, competent and representative of the entire community. They are committed to open and clear communication with town staff and all citizens. They actively encourage connections between residents, service providers, businesses and government. Critical information is easily accessible to all, and residents feel included and have a sense of responsibility and ownership in the governance process."
I cannot imagine a time in Nederland's history when this was more true.

Some of the feedback we receive is very detailed and focused, like viewing through a microscope or zooming-in with a telephoto lens. They reveal insights that could not be obtained without in-depth examination. I have seen our town reduce expenses, and increase efficiencies through such relentless examination that began with public input.

Some perspectives are taken from a distance and capture a wide-angle view. Our town has realized the benefits of these 'big picture' ideas from our citizens and volunteers. I have also seen ideas synthesize diverse needs into something uniquely better for our community. This too, would be impossible without our Trustees valuing the diverse lenses with which our citizens view Nederland.

What's more, you can deliver your perspective on issues in any format you like. Our dedicated town staff collects all of the information whether it is high-tech digital, or from the old black and white 'Brownie'. Indeed, it has never been easier to communicate with Town Hall. You can email, use social media, call, or stop by. If you have a specific question, you'll receive an answer in one day.

The board is taking a break for the holidays to spend with our families and we look forward to continuing lively debates as we return to planning in January.

I would like to recommend a New Year's resolution to attend one meeting of a local non-profit or town advisory board. Make sure that your children know that you value the diverse community you live in. You will meet some of your neighbors and understand a little more about your community. 

(the Envision Nederland 2020 Statements and full report can be found here at the Town's Website)

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