Thursday, March 22, 2012

Orchestration of Talent

Location: Nederland, CO 80466, USA
Spring weather is here, I stop to notice the birds, it is subtle music to my ears.

If you have come into Town Hall to pick up your new EcoPass, you may have noticed that it is a much more welcoming place than ever before. While I am proud of securing these passes for our citizens, I am more proud of the team at Town Hall that we have been able to create.

Hiring the right people, in combination with appointing volunteers for our advisory boards – this orchestration of talent is subtle but positively impacts our town's operation. Take these examples: 
  • We are now in a stable and sustainable financial situation which is not to be taken for granted. 
  • Town Communication – a web site with useful information, people who return phone calls, and Facebook and Twitter notifications of events in real time. 
  • I have had the privilege of awarding a commendation to our heroic town marshal and EMT staff from the Nederland Fire Protection District.
  • Completion of the Community Center kitchen. Art at the Center events are as good as ever promoting local visual art, and incredible local musicians enriching our cultural events.
  • Our highly energy efficient Waste Water Treatment Plant is finally under construction, saving over $8.9 million in operating and financing costs, while reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Water plant expansion complete. Upgrading water meters and pipe repairs nearing completion.
  • A revolutionary community composting program has been kicked-off contributing to the achievement of our zero waste goals.
  • Installation of another row of solar panels on the Community Center and support and planning of our local solar garden program is under way. 
To continue to support this excellent work, it will be incumbent upon the next Board of Trustees to translate to action the third statement of Envision:
"In 2020, Nederland’s elected leaders are qualified, competent and representative of the entire community. They are committed to open and clear communication with town staff and all citizens. They actively encourage connections between residents, service providers, businesses and government. Critical information is easily accessible to all, and residents feel included and have a sense of responsibility and ownership in the governance process."

Then, be sure to vote on April 3 for whom you feel represents the embodiment of this vision.

Our Board of Trustees met with our regional partners such as the US Forest Service, Gilpin and Boulder County Commissioners. We completed an aggressive schedule for meeting with all of our advisory boards to ensure they too are committed to Envision 2020 – we're all playing the same tune.

The Board of Trustees made an important decision to initiate Envision 2020 two years ago. We have been listening to the subtle sounds of community, and it sounds great.

[Here is a Video Valediction] This is English band, Portishead performing Glory Box live at Roseland N.Y. (1998). [What is a Video Valediction?]
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