Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seasonal Changes

Location: Nederland, CO 80466, USA
For ages, people have known that once the Autumnal Equinox occurs and Orion skates across the night sky, the season will change. For me, it is the first fire of the season. For others it may be the ‘leaf peepers’ coming through town armed with cameras. Whatever triggers your awareness, I’m sure you can feel that it’s time to coil-up the garden hose and prepare for the seasonal change.

The day this article is published the Nederland Board of Trustees will be on a retreat to discuss the remainder of this term. We welcome new our newest trustees; Annette Croughwell & Peter Fiori. One and a half years ago, this Board of Trustees, made the decision to engage in the year-long process of bringing our community’s vision to the surface and make this our guide to our decision making process. Now we will fully examine the Envision 2020 Report and how it relates to the goals of the BOT. (This report can be found on the town's website here.)

We will also be meeting with our advisory boards to review their goals and action plans to ensure that they are aligned with the Envision 2020 Report. We will be operating at the ‘speed of government’, so I expect this process to take about six months, beginning with the Sustainability Advisory Board later this month. This is driven by the tremendous positive community response in favor of sustainability.

Later this month we will have our third Budget Worksession for the 2012 Fiscal Year. We align our board goals to our budget to ensure that there are no “unfunded mandates” and so that our town’s expenditures are predictable, sustainable, and fiscally responsible.

Here are five easy things you can be a part of right now: 
  • At our next board meeting (Oct 18), we will be hearing a presentation from the US Forest Service about their fuels reduction plan on forest service land around Nederland. As the seasons change, this is a great time to review the trees on your property and look for pine beetle infestation. The sort yard will be open on Fridays and Saturdays in October. If you need help please contact Town Hall, check the town’s website or this link to the Boulder County site on Forest Health.
  • If you have ever thought about making your Nederland area home or business more efficient, the EnergySmart program has FREE energy saving items and expert advice at their website,or call (303) 544-1000. 
  • Regardless if you are renting, own a home with no solar gain or own a business, becoming part of Nederland’s Solar Garden initiative is critical for our sustainability and it can save you money by lowering your energy bills. Please contact Greg Ching at (303) 835-3550 or go to this website for more information. Be a part of our community’s revolutionary idea for a sustainable future. 
  • If you live in Big Springs, you are probably already aware of the project to manage run-off water and reduce traffic speed. Your feedback is appreciated and if you have comments, please contact Town Hall. 
  • If your water meter has not been upgraded this summer call the Nederland Public Works office today at (303) 258-3167 or e-mail to schedule an appointment. 
We have a great team at Town Hall and as I enjoy the my first fire of the season, I reflect upon the wonderful job the Envision 2020 Committee has done in summarizing our town’s vision, and I eagerly anticipate the conversations we will have in the next six months translating that vision in our planning. We will be informing you and asking for your input all along the way.

[Here is a Video Valediction] This is a short video of the Nordland Railway (‘Nordlandsbanen’ in Norwegian) celebrating its 50th anniversary. [What is a Video Valediction?]
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