Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thinking Outside the Frozen Box

Location: Nederland, CO 80466, USA
Teresa Crush-Warren on the Travel Channel set,
creator of the Frozen Dead Guy Days festival
The Travel Channel's Monumental Mysteries series came to Nederland to explore the mystery of Grandpa Bredo Morstøl and his Grandson, Trygve Bauge who cryogenically froze his grandfather in Nederland. Their segment on our Frozen Dead Guy aired today.

I recently attended a Colorado Municipal League conference session about 'Reinventing Government in the 21st Century'. The speaker was talking about how the expression, "think outside the box" has become cliché, and that there is no box anymore.

When the Travel Channel called me at Town Hall a few months ago to see if they could do the story on Grandpa Bredo, I began thinking that every town should have a frozen dead guy in their town. As I watched Teresa explain the story, I thought, "Once you have a frozen dead guy, there is no box anymore. There are no limits to what we can do as a town. It's a very liberating thing for a city or town to have."

So, when I'm down among flatlanders, I am often introduced as the Mayor with a Frozen Dead Guy in our town. Then, I got to thinking that maybe we could rent-out our Frozen Dead Guy to other municipalities so that they too, could free themselves from being stuck inside the box.

I'm grateful that Trygve lived in our town. He cryogenically froze his grandfather in suspended animation, and freed our town from thinking inside our box. The irony of course, is that Grandpa Bredo is literally frozen inside a box. He leaves us with a liberating thought – The anticipation of the day that Bredo is re-animated in the future, and free from his box.
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The Travel Channel video shoot was fun, here's how Monumental Mysteries aired the segment:

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