Thursday, June 6, 2013

What is a Video Valediction?

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The fine art form of listening to music
A valediction, is the part of a letter just before you sign your name, such as 'Yours Truly', 'Sincerely', 'All the Best', or 'Respectfully'. As I was writing one of my blog posts, I had a song in my head, and I thought it loosely related to the story, so I put it at the end of the bog post as a "signature" to the story, or valediction.

Nederland is a well known center that musicians have gravitated toward, and we also have a high degree of audiophile hobbyists that really appreciate the fine art form of listening to music. The idea stuck with me, because Michigan Mike Torpe and I would discuss the art form of listening. There are hobbyists quite skilled at finding interesting YouTube videos much in the same way my Audiophile friends would talk about certain rare recordings on vinyl.

So, when I sign-off on a blog post, I like to leave the reader with a pop culture thought, or a song that was in my head while writing it. Sometimes it's an old throw-back tune, sometimes it's something new that I've come across, and in many cases, it comes from local bands. We have some excellent musicians in the Greater Nederland Area, and if one of their songs inspires me while I write, then I like to mention it when I sign-off. Just to 'give a salute' and spread the word about their music.

Another idea, is that if you go to the bottom of each post first. You can find out what the valediction is, and listen to the song as you read the blog post. This can provide a little insight into my creative process, as I consider blogging to be somewhat of an art form as well. I'm often listening to the song while I'm editing.

I have no intention of harming any copyright protection, but rather introducing musical ideas, having conversations about music, and encouraging people to purchase the music I listen to. I especially encourage purchasing music directly from the musicians themselves. There has been lot of commentary about the impact of social media on the music industry, and there are many musicians that make up the fabric of our community, trying to make a living. So, I would like musicians to know that the Mayor of Nederland listens to your music, and if your work has inspired me to include it on my blog, and you would like me to embed your YouTube video directly into the bottom of my post, then simply complete a copyright release form, and send it to me.

I maintain a list of video valedictions on my YouTube page. You can subscribe to the list if you like. If you are also an audiophile, you can send me recommendations for my next valediction.

[Here is a Video Valediction] which is the complete list (described above) of NederMayor blog posts.
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