Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mayoring Regionally

Location: Nederland, CO 80466, USA
Mayor Gierlach at the State Capitol
Much of 'mayoring' for me, has related to continually referring to our community vision statements, and aligning them with our town's goals and planning. This excerpt from Envision 2020 is the cornerstone of our community vision, and is often referred as the 'nested model of sustainability':

“Our Community proudly maintains its small town feel and distinct identity – a small is beautiful, less is more approach. While our town has grown, we have remained true to our origins while internalizing a model of sustainability in which a healthy society comes from a healthy economy and a healthy environment is essential for both.”

A link to the Vision Statements and the full Envision 2020 Report, can be found on the town's website here.

Regional Partnerships – However, our nest is not an island, and our ecosystem is very much tied to the County and the State. Therefore, in order for us to achieve our community goals, I spend about 30% of 'mayoring' on representing Nederland area interests, and building relationships with our regional partners. Fortunately, I am proud to report that I have experienced overwhelming support for maintaining local control, and encouraging our community to evolve organically.

Invitation TONIGHT – Within this context, I have been able bring the State and County to Nederland. Join me in welcoming Senator Rollie Heath to Nederland. Rollie will briefly talk about issues that will be addressed in the upcoming State Legislative Session. Most importantly, he is very interested in hearing about issues of concern to Nederland area residents. This is our opportunity to have a frank conversation about state issues.

We have also invited Elise Jones and Deb Gardner, candidates for Boulder County Commissioner, to join in the discussion and add a county perspective.

This informal event will be held at:
Salto Coffee Works (at the corner of Snyder and 2nd Street.)
TONIGHT, October 18
6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.     Join here.

Board of Trustees – In the past couple of years, the Board of Trustees has had dinner with Boulder County, Gilpin County, and the Boulder Valley School District's School Board. We've had presentations from the US Forest Service regarding fuels reduction plans, and the Bell Policy Center on the economic realities of the State. We've had a work session with Boulder OEM on emergency planning. We have met with the state's Department of Local Affairs (DOLA). Next year, I will be scheduling meetings between our board, and representatives from the Colorado Municipal League and the Denver Regional Council of Governments. These regional organizations can provide resources, and are interested in assisting our community in achieving our goals.

At each meeting, I like to reference our town's Envision 2020 which is printed on a large banner, and hangs in the Community Center Multi-Purpose Room. Without exception, the feedback is, "Wow. Every community should have something like this."

[Here is a Video Valediction] This is Booker T & the MG's classic 1962, Green Onions set to 1950's & 60's video. [What is a Video Valediction?]
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