Thursday, August 23, 2012

Humans and Nature

Location: Mount Elbert, San Isabel National Forest, Colorado 81211, USA
Mayor Gierlach on top of Mount Elbert –  14,440 ft.
Last week, I climbed the highest peak in Colorado. My friend said that I stepped on a rare alpine tundra moss that would take 100 years to recover. I countered that my Net-Zero Home reduces carbon in the atmosphere which will allow alpine plants to exist 100 years from now. Stalemate? 

Boating on Barker – I have observed that the canoeing enthusiasts in our community are some of the strongest naturalists in the Greater Nederland Area. The Boating on Barker issue has the naturalists contrasting themselves with environmentalists – both sides armed with petitions and surveys 'proving' how many people agree with them. The real issue is closer to the discussion between my friend and I at 14,440 feet above sea level. It takes more research and analysis, and less 'vote counting'. 

Nederland Planning Process (NPP) – Last March, the Ned Board of Trustees (BOT) adopted the NPP for occasions like Boating on Barker. It is one way that this board has developed a more open, transparent, and informative process than ever before. With the NPP, we can require more public discussion and analysis from our advisory boards. This is how we Think Things Through as a community. Check it out here.

Town Advisory Boards – (Sustainability Advisory Board, PROSAB, Planning Commission, Community Center Foundation, Board of Zoning Adjustment, NDDA). These boards are comprised of dedicated and selfless people willing to commit countless unpaid hours immersing themselves in these important and complex issues for our community. ( See Link Here ) The Board of Trustees relies on their recommendations to make informed decisions. The NPP strengthens the discussion with our citizens by asking our advisory boards to study a topic, especially canoeing on Barker Reservoir. 

Non-Motorized Transportation – (while using my EcoPass on the RTD) Nederland's unwavering commitment to the environment and our desire to lead by example for all forms of non-motorized travel brings up a few questions:

Does being the type of person that climbs mountains, make me the type of person who cares enough about the alpine moss to cause me to reduce carbon emissions to protect it? Can the Nederland canoeing community be a catalyst toward a shift in environmental consciousness? Can we, as a community, become an example of how humans can coexist with the animals and the earth? What would the town Board of Trustees need to do in order to achieve that outcome? 

Bears in Nederland – We've seen the photos on Facebook. If we are going to be a community that is an example of how humans can coexist with nature, then please bring in your bird feeders. Secure your trash, which is not good for bears. To quote my favorite local naturalist, “If we can keep them off the trash, they will remain shy and peaceful creatures.” Here is a memo from our Town Marshal.

Water – If you don't have a new water meter by now, call Town Hall (303) 258-3266 for an appointment. The new meters are installed free of charge. No questions asked.

[Here is a Video Valediction] This is the Viennese downtempo music project Tosca performing Heidi Brüehl on Hôtel Costes, Vol. 8 by Stéphane Pompougnac resident DJ of the Parisian cafe/restaurant Hôtel Costes who mixed a series of swanky CDs from 1999-2011. [What is a Video Valediction?]
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