Local Nedheads (What's a Nedhead?) are familiar with being referred to as a "quirky" town. There are many aspects of living at 8,230 feet above sea level, that I have to explain to 'flat-landers'. On this blog, I attempt to describe some of the more interesting characteristics of living in Nederland.

This is an unedited 20 minute presentation I gave at the Colorado Municipal League Small Communities Workshop: "Nederland Vision, Communication & Economy – a 130 year Historical View"

Undertaking the year and a half long process of developing Envision 2020, was our community's attempt to define ourselves, and what that means for community planning. Woven into the fabric of Envision 2020 are sustainability concepts, and our town has adopted eight sustainability resolutions in the past decade. I explain more in the Sustainability Tab at the top of this page.

Interesting Characteristics about Nederland includes Our Festivals:
DOJOE – Memorial Telemark Uphill-Downhill Race – Feb 24, 2013
Frozen Dead Guy Days – Behold the Frozen! – Mar 8-10, 2013
High Peaks Art Festival – 8236 Feet Above the Ordinary – Jun 22-23, 2013
Nederland Energy Independence Day – July 4, 2013
Hotrods and Classics in the High Country – July
Nederland Old Timers & Miners Days – July 27 & 28, 2013
NedFest – Music, Arts and Microbrew Festival – Aug 23-25, 2013
Neder-Nederland – 5K & 10K Race – Sep 8, 2013
Buffalo Bicycle Classic – Sep 8, 2013
Oktoberfest Mountain Bike Race – Sep 14, 2013
Nederland Witches' Ball – Oct 29, 2012
Nederland Community Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner – Nov 24, 2013
Nederland Holiday Mountain Market – Dec 7-8, 2013

Local Distinctiveness and Addressing the Homogenization of America:

Nederland is a culture that has evolved on its own, determined to avoid the Homogenization of America. 

Local rock with mining artifacts used to make a fence/wall
Nederland is a place where you are less likely to impress someone with a Lexus, and more likely to impress them with your knowledge of foraging for morels, or capability of tele-skiing Mt. Toll.

With its isolated topography Ned has been able to enhance its local distinctiveness. Here is a link describing the Common Ground Rules for Local Distinctiveness and how it might relate to Nederland.

... more interesting aspects of Nederland to be continued.
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